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deadline to file any suits against armstrong. part two tonight is aired tonight on oprah's network. >> lance armstrong is not the only one to come clean, a san jose mother admits she made up a story of a man trying to get a toddler from her arms this week. and now, to san jose police headquarters with the stunning revelation. >> it is stunning. the mother of the little girl is not speaking this only but the father of the little girl is talking. he cannot believe she would make up such a story. the mother told police on tuesday that a stranger tried to kidnap her three-year-old daughter from her arms in front of her home on dayo court and told police he smelled like
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motor oil. it was a lie. the father who is in a custody battle with the mother over their two daughters says it is the latest in a string of lies. >> one of her friends, a nurse, asked her of a treatment she is receiving she came clean. >> the investigators started to push harder and decided to bring the mother in again and she finally confessed to making up the story. >> the big question is, why did she do it in the motive is not navyive. neighbors are relieved the kidnapping never happened but are upset. the san jose police will file charges against the mother for filing a false police report which is a misdemeanor. >> the 70-year-old vallejo man who was on on death row is
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arraigned today for the murder of his 90-year-old mother. he appeared in a wheelchair in court last week and called the vallejo police and told him he killed his mother two months earlier. in 1966 he was sent to gas chamber for the murder of two teen girls and admitted to a string of sex crimes and what paroled in 1990 and now the third former death row inmate in california to be accused of murder after being released. >> the bay area has the first reported death from the flu. the victim was a 98-year-old woman from santa clara county. health officials say she suffered from other chronic conditions, as well. four others in california have died of the flu so far this year. doctors are seeing a rush to get the flu vaccine. a vaccine clinic continues through today at washington hospital if fremont. demand is growing although california is one of the least active states so far this
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season. pharmacies ordered more shipments 789 so far there have only been a few wide-spread outbreaks but that could certainly change quickly. we have times on avoiding the flu on our website. >> in hayward a fire victim is involving after being burned in a husband fire that broke out at 9:20 at the apartments. a woman was unconscious but still breathing. she was taken to the hospital. arson investigators are trying to fine the cause. >> an oakland boy. s in critical condition after being hit by a car yesterday. the accident happened after 5:30 at 28th and foothill boulevard. we were on the scene after the child was taken away by ambulance to children's hospital with a head injury. police are trying to figure if the bother ran into traffic or was in the crosswalk at the time of the accident. >> san francisco public school
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students get a lesson in online safety today. 55,000 students will be taught the basics of digital citizenship to keep safe online. issues they will tackle are bullying and what to trust online. the district attorney will visit a middle school to see some students taking part in the online safety instruction day. >> the national weather service is issuing a beach hazard for the northern california coast through the weekend. people along the shore should be careful of sneaker waves that can be dangerous. because of the beach hazard spectators will not be allowed on the shoreline for the maverick surf contest. two dozen of the top big wave riders in the world are gathering in half moon bay for the event that has not been held since 2010. that year several watched from store and injured when huge swells crashed along the spectator area. >> that was all caught on video. that is why people are moved back this year. >> clinching the deal.
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>> mike told us of sneaker waves. let's find out about that. >> that is what we will have today and through tomorrow morning on the coast and the bigger rougher surf comes in and more beach erosion and sneaker waves but the riptides are worse through sunday. good morning, everyone, getting you out the door this morning we have fog in santa rosa and everyone else is pretty much unlimited visibility but it is the temperature again that has me concerned, 28 degrees in santa rosa. we could have black ice like yesterday in the north bay valley. still in the 30's around concord and freezing in livermore and fair field. antioch is 39 and novato is 43 and mid-to-upper 30's through the bay shore and the coast and 42 in oakland and 49 in san francisco. headed through today it is still going to be cold again this morning as we just saw and that will hold through 7:00 and the mid-to-upper 50's for lunch time temperatures and we will be in the low 60's with hazy sunshine
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in another "spare the air" day. toward 7:00, quiet evening with mid-to-upper 40's. saturday, sunday, mid-and possibly a few upper 60's and a few high clouds for monday and low-to-mid 60's. temperatures will still be rather chilly overnight this weekend. and now the traffic update. >> good morning, everyone. happy friday. getting up and out early it is light traffic wise with no problemsant bay bridge and the toll plaza for friday morning, and to the san mateo bridge, a few brake lights moving toward the high-rise but a very nice commute between hayward eastbound and westbound. if you are traveling from 2305 and tracy over the altamont pass you have a nice ride this morning. everyone is at the limit. about 20 minutes from the altamont pass to the dublin/pleasanton area. eastbound dumbarton, the road
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work is in various lanes until 6:00 this morning. westbound, the major commute direction is looking good so far with no problems or road work. kristen and eric? >> the investigation narrows to what forced the emergency landing of a new 787 dreamliner in japan. what could be the culprit. >> and an -- one lucky 49er fan will have a memorable trip to land attempt. >> facebook intremendous douses free cell phone calling. users who download the messenger app can make phones free of calls to anyone else with the app. there is more good news for iphone customers. at&t is making face time widely available on the cell network.
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until now the video calling service was limited to wi-fi only for those with early models of the phone. and a video game took only 12 hours to hit the number one spot on free apps. could being a bad speller make you safer? researchers say computer users who passwords contain misspelled words or poor grammar are less likely to have their accounts hacked.
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>> antioch, petaluma, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news , friday, we made it, everyone, this is the abc7 morning news and now that is san francisco from the h.d. camera and you can see the embarcardero on the edge and the bay bridge and things are going look just fine but chilly again. michael has the forecast.
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>> the man mighting the tanker that crashed into the bay bridge has the high of the rate of accidents among local bar pilots according to the san francisco examiner. guy kleess was piloting the "overseas raymar" when it scraped a tower butcher on the bridge january 7. the examiner reported he had three incidents on the water 2009 and 2011, two deemed "pilot error." no other bar pilot had more than two incidents during that time. heads up if you are riding bart next week. it could take extra time as bart works inside the transbay tube to work on the power supply. there will be a single track with workers in advance of the next stage of the >>eric: -- earthquake strengthening process. >> and officials are checking
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out, from the f.a.a. and tsb and boeing are looking at boeing 787 dreamliner and the battery a focus of the world-wide grounding of the fleet. the casing for the bait d for the battery was swollen. it leaked fluid that it was a full 10 pounds light we than normal. all 50 dreamliners will undergo detailed inspection. >> robert wagner is refusing to talk with los angeles police investigators a year after they re-opened the case into the debt of his wife, natalie wood, who drowned off catalina island in 1981 while on a boating trip. her death was morningly listed as an accident but this week the coroner announced it changed the cause of death to "undetermined." the "los angeles times" reports that the investigators have interviewed 100 witnesses since the investigation was re-opened and they reportedly drove to
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wagner's colorado home to talk but he declined to talk. >> reports say energy secretary chu will leave the cabinet post after being criticized for defending the $500 million federal loan to solyndra, the second term cabinet replacements of typical. he earned the ph.d. in physics from berkeley and ran the laboratory. he has a nobel prize in physics if work on cooling and trapping of atoms with light. the former head of major hedge fund is widely believed to be obama's next choice to replace chu. >> spiking of the president, there is plenty of excitement building for the second inauguration among former music promotor who calls the bay area house, housekeeper has attended seven inaugurations dating back to nixon in 1972 and seen carter, reagan and clinton sworn in and president obama four years ago. he was recruited at the last minute to plan a second carter
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inaugural ball in 1977 for an overflow crowd. >> they said, can you help? we need to put together another ball and they used an underconstruction train station and they said what do you want and i asked if they could fly my mom in so show good a good dance from mascone. >> he is leave tomorrow for the innoation with his son and will watch every moment from the swearing in, to the parade, to the evening balls. >> evening coverage begins on monday at 4:00 a.m. with a special abc "good morning america" and we will stream coverage live from washington, dc, at starting at 6:30 on monday only. >> we hope they get nice weather there. we know for the long weekend coming up some are taking martin luther king off and it will be warmer and dry. >> absolutely. a lot of warm weather in the
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afternoon but this morning it is cold again. we are look down from the east bay hills camera to san francisco and you can see the traffic on the bay bridge the we will talk to sue. live doppler 7 hd shows what you need to worry about. look at the dry air. there is a lack of clouds. the temperatures right now are freezing in napa and santa rosa and fairfield. antioch is 39. novato is 43. mid-to-upper 30's around fremont and san jose and los gatos and half moon bay and 43 in oakland and 49 in san francisco. we have temperatures in the upper 30's to mid-40's for most monterey bay and gilroy close to frost at 33. today, we have more warming and more poor air quality. the rough surf will happen this weekend starting today and it gets worse as we get through the
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weekend. the medium-range models and i didn't see but one chance of rain all way through the end of in month and into next month. that will be next week. san francisco today will reach 6 3 and fremont jumping up to 66 degrees four degrees warmer than yesterday. fairfield is the cool spot, at about 60 degrees. fremont is 66, a warmest spot and palo alto and san jose and oakland at 65 and san francisco will be 63 again and half moon bay at 64 degrees. nice around monterey bay in the upper 60's and tonight we will still have frost inland. but not around the bay and to the coast. we will be in the mid-30's to low 40's. the beach hazard this afternoon, through tomorrow morning, this is for the sneaker waves up and down the coast and occasionally we could get 20' wave but the
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bigger waves are more steady from saturday morning at 10:00, tomorrow morning, until sunday, at 4:00. that is when the dangerous rip current develop. here is the appropriations accw, low-to-mid 60's for monday and tuesday and the system passes us to the north and missions us with rain but drops the temperatures back in the 60's to near 60-degree range wednesday and thursday. have a good day. sue? >> san jose, 87 northbound, beyond the h.p. pavilion, very light. lady gaga finished up her show but now everything is cleared and it looks good northbound. this is the off-ramp h.p. pavilion on the left hand side. northbound to san rafael we have light conditions if your drive takes you to novato and southern marin it is looking good. to the waled -- waldo grade, you
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can expect some problems. take care over the waldo grade both directions. san jose we have road work southbound 85 from 101 to 280 to be picked up in ten minutes. we will check back with you in a few minutes. kristen and eric? >> new damaging information against a notre dame foot star claiming to be the victim of a romantic hoax. he talked about the alleged girlfriend in december after he admitted no such person existed. opinion is deeply divided over whether the star linebacker, manti te'o, was duped, or masterminded a supposed online relationship with a stanford student who died from leukemia the same day his grandmother really died. manti te'o has not commented and now training in florida with other nfl hopefuls.
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>> a very lucky man is preparing for his first airplane trip courtesy of the 49ers. he got a call yesterday morning from the team saying he woman the road trip sweepstakes. two free tickets to the nfc championship game if atlanta. he gets to take a friend. air and tickets and transportation are paid if bit 49ers. a wager between the mayors promises to add color to the matchup. that is because the winning team colors will light up the losing ciudad juarez -- city hall for a night. if 49ers win, the mayor will color red and gold or red and wine here if atlanta win. a difference of one color but a build above difference and the winning team will wave from the loser city hall flagpole. >> either say, someone will be
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seeing "red." >> the countdown is on for the sunday game. being a 49er faithful is all in the family for this family from san ramon. they got a tour. and the proud grandmother sent in the pictures of the youngest 49er fans in the family. so cute, right? you can e-mail your fan photos to and well most them at and show as many as we can on the air. abc7 news sports reporter is in atlanta to cover the game on sunday and the first report airs tonight here on abc7 news. >> the ferry building gets a much needed repair. >> something to look forward to when you are 75 years old. what researchers say
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>> good friday morning, everyone. talk about friday light traffic look at the golden gate bridge. very few cars on there at this usually point in the morning but sue is tracking things and will tell you if there are problems. >> port officials are bringing back the chimes at san francisco's ferry building clock tower which has been silent since july when the computer system gave out. but before it went down it was not accurate. it used a g.p.s. signal to make sure people hear the bells on the hour. it is being tested now. february 23, people in the area will be able to set their watches by it. so glad it will be on time because we drive past it. you never know if you should speed up or go slow? >> that is the first thought that came to your head, should you speed up in. >> not that she speeds... >> not that she needs an excuse.
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mike? >> if that is the only thing we can poke fun at kristen that is pretty good. but i do get caught in her wake sometimes. >> take turbulence. >> all right. move on. that is the quota. >> almost crossed the line. good morning, everyone, here is a look at the radar across the entire state. look how quiet it is. there is a lot of nice powder up there, and there is nothing new that mother nature made with temperatures in the throw mid-60's. cooler in eureka at 47. and 59 in chico. los angeles, 80 degrees this week! sunny and dry today. tomorrow. sunday, too. with all the sunshine and the snow, you may want to wear such screen because you could get
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sunburned this time of the year but at night in the single digits. >> in san jose, southbound 280, an accident blocking the right lane, otherwise, road work on the dumbarton bridge until 6:00 this morning eastbound. the westbound is the normal commute direction. that will not affect the commute too badly eastbound. we have good traffic flow up and over the altamont pass and livermore area under 20 minutes moving into dublin/pleasanton and a like look at the macarthur maze 580 and 880 moving nicely. kristen and eric? >> 4:56. amazon has a new music store to lets users bypass itunes giving iphone and i touch access to safari browser, so amazon does not have to give apple 30 percent cut the
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developers usually give. >> if you wonder what point you can stop worrying about your diet and everything you put in your mouth, this morning we may have the answer, the golden age of...75! researchers at penn state say people over 75 do not have to worry about fast food or dessert, because if you eat high fat or high sugar diet were no more likely to suffer from conditions such as heart disease and type two diabetes than those on a healthy diet. >> only 25 years to go. next at 5:00 a.m., the extra measures officials are taking to stop the spread of flu in the wake of the first flu death. >> and an attempt to free hostages in algeria, a special
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>> live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, it is 5:00 on this friday. should we celebrated the fact with a flu prevention method? >> the elbow bump. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. mike? >> temperature said 37 on the way in on the thermometer. >> must be doing something wrong, mine was 28. it was frosty. >> big warm heart. >> are you saying i have a cold heart? >> now with the radar you can see the dry weather outside and visibility, though, still a bit of fog in santa rosa and half a

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